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Keep your loved one with you in a gorgeous urn, and one which would have perfectly fit their personality.


Give us a call today at 570-256-7201 to schedule an appointment and begin making arrangements with our helpful, friendly staff, including choosing the perfect urn.

Memorialize your loved one the way that they would have wished. If your loved one wished to be cremated, let Charles L Cease Funeral Home help you fulfill that wish.


Complete visitation and funeral services are available as well, so your family may say goodbye prior to the cremation.


Cremation Services

Call today to learn more about cremation services.


Maintain Their Memory

With a Fitting Urn

  • Cremation services

  • Beautiful urns

  • Traditional funeral services

Find the

Right Services

Lessen the burden on your loved ones by prearranging your visitation, funeral, and cremation services. Our family has proudly served the area since 1999 and strive to make the arrangement process as easy and complete as possible.

Arrange Everything Beforehand

Our memorialization services should be as unique as our lives were. Sit down with our calm, compassionate staff to plan a funeral and cremation that truly fits your loved one.